Tutor Time Activities

This page contains some resources that can be used during tutor time.
  • Memory Maths - A game that requires concentration and good mental arithmetic. All that is required is for students to draw a blank 4x4 grid. 
  • Countdown - The numbers game from the TV show. You may like to set a time limit or see who can reach the target first.
  • Multiplication Grids - Simple multiplication grids that students can copy and complete as fast as possible. They can also be extended to involve decimals and negatives.
  • Flash Maths - This website contains lots of resources, most are best played individually, so great to use in a computer room.
  • 3 Minute Challenges - These can be displayed on the interactive whiteboard and students simply have to work along the rows, writing down their answer at each stage. 
  • Maths Trainer - This game is all about speed of recall for times tables. The students can adjust the difficulty and time limit. This is best for use in a computer room session. 
  • FizzBuzz - This is a simple times tables game where everyone needs to stand in a circle. Choose who is going to start, then the students must list all consecutive numbers in order starting from 1. The complicated part is that any multiple of 3 must be replaced by the word 'fizz' and any multiple of 5 must be replaced by the word 'buzz'. Multiples of 3 and 5 must be replaced by 'fizzbuzz'. Anyone who gets it wrong is out! 
  • Sum/Products - Click here for a PowerPoint containing Sum/Product puzzles. The number in the top box will be the sum (+) of the two middle numbers, the number in the bottom box will be the product (×) of the two middle numbers.