Advice for Parents

It is always great to hear about the work parents are doing at home to help their children progress in the education, particularly in maths. You may already have activities that work well for you and your child, but we have included some of our own suggestions below;
  • Regular practice of times tables is crucial. Ideally times tables should be able to be recalled mentally, but you may like to use some written exercises to help get to this stage. This game is excellent for working on times tables. The aim should be to be able to recall up to 12x12. 
  • Try to give them the opportunity to use maths for real life tasks. Click here for some suggestions of how to do this.
  • Have a look at practise Numeracy Licence Tests, they will sit this termly. Click here to view some 'Help Me!' videos showing how to do some of the calculations. 
  • Use this website to get free worksheets, with answers on a range of maths topics. It is also worth having a look at some of the other excellent websites we recommend for working on number skills.
  • Download these posters to help your child learn their times tables.
  • Make sure your child has a scientific calculator, we recommend the             'Casio fx-83GTX' scientific calculator.
  • The National Numeracy Challenge is a site designed for adults looking to boost their maths skills that apply to everyday life.
  • The biggest thing you can do is to be positive about mathematics and its importance. Research on the above website shows that the ‘I can’t do maths’ attitude is highly damaging. If children hear ‘I can’t do maths’ from parents, teachers, friends, television programmes, films etc., they begin to believe that maths isn’t important. This means they have less desire to improve their skills, turning ‘I can’t do maths’ into a self-fulfilling prophesy.